OrangeMan Menthol


  • Nicotine strength: 6mg/12ml
  • Flavor: menthol
  • Puffs per nicotine stick: 200

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OrangeMan Menthol is a nicotine stick with licorice flavor. The OrangeMan Menthol is perfect for you to quit smoking cigarettes. These nicotine sticks of OrangeMan do not produce smoke and can be used very discreet for that reason. The design and use is revolutionary: the sticks contains moisturized grains filled with water, aromas and nicotine. After inhalation these components will cycle trough a cotton filter; without smoke, carbon dioxide and tar. Another popular flavor of OrangeMan: OrangeMan Wild Berries.

What are nicotine sticks from OrangeMan?

These products of OrangeMan are small nicotine sticks completely free from tobacco. These products are meant for people that wants to quit smoking, or use nicotine in a way more healthier way.

How do I use nicotine sticks from OrangeMan?

  1. You feel the needs of a cigarette
  2. Take your OrangeMan stick in your favorite flavor
  3. For the first use; push down the plunger to activate the stick
  4. Inhale a puff
  5. Your needs of a cigarette dissapear

Why nicotine sticks from OrangeMan?

  • These sticks don’t produce smoke of odors
  • These sticks can be used in a discrete way
  • These sticks don’t need combustion w
  • These sticks are cheaper and healthier than tobacco cigarettes.
  • One OrangeMan nicotine stick can be used for up to 200 puffs.

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